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Pyrotecnico will bring the five-act Internationally-Acclaimed "Rock Loves" production to Busan International Fireworks Festival 2011 on October 22, 2011. With its classic, pulsating rhythms, "Rock Loves" will feature decades of popular rock music.» learn more

Pyrotecnico receives gold jupiter

We came. We saw. We rocked. Rock ‘n Roll energy took center stage at the world’s most prestigious fireworks venue: LaRonde in Montreal, Canada. The annual international fireworks competition is the stage where 9 countries compete to win the coveted Jupiter awards. Pyrotecnico finished first ahead of Australia (silver) and China (bronze). Making such a strong international showing has cemented Pyrotecnico’s place among elite pyrotechnic companies.

Pyrotecnico’s design team developed “Rock Loves...”, a five-act thriller that brought the international crowd to its feet. The show combines music from all our generations and innovative use of pyrotechnics shot from both water and land. This rock opera was designed specifically for this competition, but Pyrotecnico plans to make “Rock Loves...” a traveling show that will reach national and international venues.

"To be selected to represent our country on such a grand stage was an honor for us. It’s great to hear the reactions from the crowd and see the expressions on their faces during the show. Our show attracted the largest audience of the entire event and we appreciate their support as much as we hope they were thrilled by the show."

Stephen Vitale President and CEO, Pyrotecnico

"Rock 'n Roll is so powerful--it can tap into our memories, affect our mood, help us relate to the world or just be a lot of fun. We created a show that conjures reactions and emotions that neither sound nor music alone could achieve. It was a blast from start to finish; a virtual Pyropalooza!"

Rocco Vitale Creative Director, Pyrotecnico

"There was no place better to debut “Rock Loves…” than at the 2008 L'International des Feux Loto. LaRonde is the most celebrated fireworks venue in the World and we were honored to have the opportunity of premiering “Rock Loves…” to its passionate audience."

Ralph Piacquadio Producer / Designer, Pyrotecnico